Hélder Gonçalves


Hélder Gonçalves, imerges in 1998 as a professional and made his personal goal to represent Italian brands in the portuguese market. Over the years, he acquires experience and credibility enough to allow him to challenge how the brands he works with are presented. Therefore, with a bold perspective and carismatic personality, he managed to differenciate himself with distinction and take a privileged place inside the national market. 

After 18 years, Hélder Gonçalves declares himself a representant of exclusive brands such as FontanaArte, Molteni & C, DADA, Unifor, Agape & Agape Casa, RODA, DavideGroppi, Armani/DADA and Magis, always with the purpose of responding actively to his customer's unconventional requirements.
Beyond the brands, Hélder Gonçalves reveals experience and professionalism in each project he dedicates himself to.

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